Who, me? Modern?

I’m not a kid anymore and most days I’m really happy about that. Fortunately, my own kids have kept me up to speed on technology. When I get stuck, they help me out. But as someone who’s been writing for LOTS of years, I see the world changing exponentially each day. When I first started writing, a writer didn’t even need an agent. You actually sent your manuscript in a box to publishers. It’s true. But we did have fire and the wheel.

I want to share a wonderful post about authors and technology. Kristen Lamb is not only funny, but persuasive and ready to share knowledge with those of us who are trying to catch the brass ring on the publication carousel (I just dated myself again with that analogy, didn’t I?). So go to Kristen’s blog, read what she has to say and remind yourself, that if Kelly can learn this stuff, anybody can. Especially when we have people like Kristen to fire us up and light the way.

One response to “Who, me? Modern?

  1. Kelly, I enjoy Kristen’s blog too. 🙂 Thanks for an upbeat post on how we can all learn keep learning and evolving.

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