Something New

This blog is now designed for you. I’ll post good things here that you might not find, otherwise, so think of it as a place to refresh yourself with something new. You might even chuckle now and then.

Roses in February

Scrawling letters and shapes with a crayon, from childhood I was hooked on pictures, words and colors. Storytelling is a joy to me. I write fiction and I’ll write about that, sometimes. I do a lot of research for my writing and I’ll share what I learn. I also draw and paint and craft stained glass. My daughter is learning photography and I hope to share some of her photos, too. I do a little gardening, as well.


As a child, I plunked on Mom’s piano and then learned classical guitar, bringing notes, melodies and harmonies to my teenage heart. My new guitar is an important part of my life today, so that might pop up here, along with mentions of my favorite music and musicians.

My parents, children and grandchildren give me more love than I thought possible. Sometimes I think they’ll make me crazy but they’d say, “Oops, too late. You already are.” Good crazy, I hope. I think it’s hereditary. They keep me emotionally flexible.

Life mapped my path in several directions. Sometimes I thought I was lost, but now I look back and enjoy the design. Thanks to social media, I’ve rediscovered old friends I feared I’d never see again. I’ve found new friends that way, too. So here we are.

photo by Karen Barefoot

I went to school (a lot). Looking for what I loved the most led me to love many things. Creative writing, literature, languages, visual arts, music and medicine. (We won’t talk about the school loans, but rather, life enrichment. That’s what matters, right?) We’ll have many topics to share.

I hope you like it here. Stop by again. I welcome your comments and conversation. This really is for you.

K. Lyn Wurth  (Kelly)

4 responses to “Something New

  1. I love your blog, it’s just like visiting with you. You are so creative, it is amazing, God is so good, He blesses each of us with special gifts but he has also looked down on you and knows your heart is so wonderful that he makes sure your cup runs over. Behind all the pain in your life, somehow you only see the best in everything, what a gift and thanks for sharing it with all of us. You open up my world for me.

  2. I love stopping by and getting to know you and your writing! 🙂 Thanks for the Roses in February. 🙂

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