guest stories

lion house

If you’ve run out of other ways to avoid working, here is a “scratch paper” for your creativity.

I consider myself to be only one storyteller among all of you. Dreams, novels, gossip, folktales and family stories–we all carry these with us.

A close friend of mine always dreams in buildings. Sometimes they’re small, or just appear to be from the outside. Once inside the dream-building, the dreamer follows endless corridors, doorways and windows into the dream-world.

As an homage to this friend, I present a feature of a house I photographed in Door County, Wisconsin. Does it evoke any sense or feeling, or a snippet of story? Does it remind you of a dream?

Write a storylet, a moment in your mind inspired by this photo. It’s just for fun. No judgment, except for the obvious censorship that I sadly must (sigh) enforce in this space against the occasional troll or oddball. (Of course, trolls as story characters are welcome.) Keep it at “G” or “PG” and I’ll happily approve your creative burst.

Have fun. You’re not in a hurry to get back to work, anyway. I can tell.

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