written bits

the “chopping block,” where I make long stories short

Like most people who call themselves writers, I’ve left words strewn behind me, some memorable and some better forgotten. Writing is a rough process of abundance that refines itself, through discretion, into rarity and clarity.

Bits I’ve written that you may be able to find:

“Change of Life,” a story to be published in the Fall, 2012 edition of The Examined Life Journal, by the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

“The Things You Do,” a story in the anthology, The Arduous Touch: Women’s Voices in Health Care, by Purdue University Press. You’ll find my story under the alias, “Kelly Jennings Olson.”

A glimpse on the horizon, a bit I’m sending out into the world: The Darkwater Liar’s Account, a completed literary, historical novel. I’ll definitely announce (scream and jump around the room, terrifying my Gilda, the WunderSchnauzer) when this title takes on a public, printed form. And yes, I’ll post about it here, once my hands stop shaking.

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